Handrailing, Balustrade, Balconies Staircases, Frames Tables, Chassis, Uni Strut

Aluminium, Steel & Stainless Steel

Box section, angle, flat sheet, beams.

Price is worked out on square meterage or surface area including blast cleaning which is our preferred pretreatment. 

Example 50×50 box x 1m length. Blasted and powder coated cost £6 plus vat. This is worked out at £30 per square meter

If anti-corrosion primer is needed then an additional £10 plus vat is added to the square meter price.

Galvanised steel is priced at £40 per square meter and includes degasing. We recommend felting as galve isn’t smooth. We charge £50 per hour plus vat for felting.

Railings or handrail is £40 per linear meter or £50 if galvanised at no more than 1.1 meter high.

Our oven maximum dimensions length is 1.80 x 1.80 x 5.95meters. Some larger frames can be fitted on the slant up to 2.3 wide so please call first on 01295 271281.

We require holes for hanging. Item weight should be considered the heaver the item bigger the hole please.

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