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The prices below are a guide price only to give you an idea of what you may expect to pay.
Also most of the prices shown are inclusive of V.A.T

all prices subject to change without notice. 
All prices listed include our pre treatment of blast cleaning or de greasing

masking ,primed and finally the top coat unless otherwise stated. 
Please note that bearings & bushes or anything that isn’t to be treated must be removed prior to delivery.
Please contact us if you have any other questions.

Car Parts

  • Axles £165
  • Drums £28 per pair
  • Bottom / Top Suspension Arms wish bones £16
  • Prop Shaft £55 ( Will require re-balance)
  • Gear Box Casing £65
  • Rocker Cover £35-£55


  • Steel Wheels £60 Each Up To 19 Inch
  • Alloy wheels £75 Each Up to 19 Inch

*priced above is for off the vehicle and without tyres on.

tyre removal and fitting is £12 inclusive per wheel Includes new valves and balancing **turn around time 3-5 Days

we a offer a complete drive in service.

wheels and tyre removal , blast clean and powder coated in the colour of your choice, fitting new valves and balance back on the vehicle for £100 per wheel inclusive of v.a.t  Takes 2 days to tun around and prior booking is required.


  • I Beams, Box Section, Channel ,or chequer Plate are all Priced at £38.50 per SQ + V. A. T
  • Pre-galvanised Steel £27.50 per sq. metre + V. A. T
  • Loop Top Railings Priced at £33 Linear Metre + Posts + V. A. T
  • Aluminium / Stainless Steel Sheet £16.50 per sq. metre + V. A. T

Push Bikes

  • Frame £65
  • Forks £22
  • Crank Levers £11 Pair
  • Handle Bars £17

Motor Bikes

  • Frame £130
  • Swing Arm £35
  • Yokes £35 per Pair
  • Side Stand £16.00
  • Centre Stand £25
  • Aluminium Wheels £130 Pair
  • Hubs £20
  • Wheel Rims £15 each
  • Fork Arms £35 per Pair
  • Engine Brackets and Small parts From £5.50 Each when accompanied with parts listed above